Competition Tip: A Well-crafted Idea

Innovation and ideas start one
step at a time. Sometimes the best ideas appear to be the smallest and
simplest, but can create the most impact.

Do you have an idea in mind on
how to move Saskatchewan Credit Unions forward, but not sure if you should
enter the competition? Here are some questions to ask yourself when articulating your idea:

1. What problem in today’s Credit Union system could your idea help solve?

For instance, how can we engage younger
members, drive non-interest revenue, help members with their financial well-being,
or solve other problems etc.?

2. How does your idea solve the
problem you identified in the previous step?

Identifying a problem is important, but coming up with possible solutions is more important. Describe how your solution(s) will help solve this problem.

3. Could your idea be adopted
broadly by all credit unions, or is it specific to a job duty or one credit

Ideas that are most likely to get the best buy-in are ones that can be translated to the whole Sask CU system. However, all ideas that improve credit unions are important. Even ideas that apply to one job duty may be able to be used by other CUs too.

4. How could your idea be
implemented and operationalized by credit unions efficiently and effectively?

Ideas that are easier to implement may be easier to understand and therefore garner more support.

5. How does your idea drive
revenue and decrease costs? What are the tangible results?

Cost savings and/or increasing revenue are always important when discussing ideas. Do you have any estimates of savings or increases? Are there other results for your idea?

There are only six weeks left until the Sask
CU Advance competition closes! Be sure to check out the news feed for other
helpful hints as we move through the next six weeks.

Saskatchewan Young Leaders Committee

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