The countdown is on…

Are you ready to TAKE ACTION?

September 24 & 25 are the days where our future leaders will move their thoughts, ideas and careers forward in the credit union system!

The SYL Committee has been working hard to provide our youth with an outstanding conference that will leave you feeling energized and motivated to take action in your credit union! There’s only 25 tickets remaining for the conference – Have you registered yet? Don’t wait – Registration closes on September 2nd!

Check out our conference page of our website – for all the details and to register. You don’t want to miss this!!

We’re Getting a NEW Logo!

Congratulations to Kelsie Valliere – the winner of our SYL New Logo Contest!

Kelsie takes 2 contests in a row – winning the new design of the I <3 my CU t-shirt contest for the National Young Leaders, and now our SYL logo contest. Kelsie nailed it with her creativity of a fun, innovative and youthful logo of SYL!

Want to see the new logo? Attend our #SKCUForward Conference where it will be unveiled!
Register today!

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SYL Professional Development – Understanding The Team

The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual – Vince Lombardi

As a committee, SYL was recently reminded of the benefits of understanding the strengths, dispositions and priorities of individuals on a team, as well as the team as a whole.

SYL had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with Laurie Smith, Human Capital Consultant, Client Delivery with SaskCentral at our June quarterly meeting. Here she completed an Everything DiSC® Workplace Profile on us individually and as a team. Through this process we learned how to better relate to and communicate with each other, as well as align tasks with individual preferences. This will make us a more effective and efficient team going forward. Overall, we have a very well rounded team, a little heavy on the Influential and maybe a little lighter on Conscientiousness. We had a few surprises and were enlightened by the results.

How does SYL profile?

Keeping in mind the four quadrants (or a combination of two). Do you know us well enough to place your committee?

  • Dominance: Direct, Results Oriented, Firm, Strong-willed, Forceful
  • Influence: Outgoing, Enthusiastic, Optimistic, High-Spirited, Lively
  • Steadiness: Even-tempered, Tactful, Accommodating, Patient, Humble
  • Conscientiousness: Analytical, Precise, Reserved, Private, Systematic

Hint: Our team styles – 1-iS; 2-iD; 1-S, 1-DC, 1-SC, 2–i

DiSC® or True Colors, HBDI® or Meyers-Briggs

With so many options to choose from, if given the opportunity to take any of the above assessments, be open to learning more about yourself and those you work with. Selfawareness is key to your personal development and means having a clear perception of your thoughts, beliefs, motivations and emotions. Learning about others will help you understand and better adapt to your team.

If you have not had a chance, consider it part of your career path and discuss attending a session with your supervisor or manager. Perhaps it’s possible to have your team as a whole participate – allowing your team to develop the way the SYL committee has.

For your consideration: What if credit unions focused on placing people based on their strengths? Focused less on shortcomings? What could happen to our overall results?

The results of your profile may help direct you on your career journey.

For more information talk to your Credit Union or SYL.


SYL Shout Out to Kristy Miazga – NTCUE Top 15

The Saskatchewan Young Leaders congratulates Kristy Miazga – Regional Manager at Synergy Credit Union, for making it to the TOP 15 of the CUES Next Top Credit Union Executive Competition!

Kristy has worked for Synergy Credit Union for the past 8 years, with a combined years of service in the financial services industry of 14 years. Kristy’s primary function as Regional Manager is to lead, coach and support her team of branch managers to achieve success within their branches and communities. She is a passionate team leader and developing coach who respects and encourages her team to be fully accountable and the best that they can be!

Kristy also currently holds the position of Chairperson on the Synergy Emerging Leaders committee.

Kristy’s NTCUE Pitch:
Creating the Means to Grow Incredible Credit Union Leaders

Synergy Emerging Leaders is our Credit Union’s internal employee program and committee that is made up of existing leaders and up-and-coming leaders who are striving to further develop and enhance their careers. We come together quarterly to create and participate in networking and leadership development activities, as well as have some fun! The committee consists of 4 regions, allowing all employees from any branch to participate. There is no age restriction or limitations to joining the committee; we are continually recruiting new and existing employees to be a Synergy Emerging Leader. We also concentrate a large focus on leading two financial literacy programs for the youth; one of which was fully created by some of our very own committee members last year.

Ultimately, it is our emerging leaders who are the future of our Credit Unions and I’m striving to further advance our program by increasing employee engagement, retention and development of their leadership skills.

“Being nominated, and selected as one of the TOP 15 applicants is extremely exciting and a truly humbling experience — Not to mention, being 1 of only 2 Canadians in the Top 15 in this competition, the *butterflies* set in!”

What has Kristy learned from this experience?
“Being involved in the CUES NTCUE competition has provided me with new professional contacts, has helped expand my networks, my professional knowledge and is helping further develop me as a leader. It is providing me a platform to display my skills, passions, and abilities, while promoting a passion I have working in the Credit Union System helping to develop our emerging leaders.”

Kristy’s words of advice:
“If you are ever faced with an opportunity like this one – Take the chance, put yourself out there…you won’t regret it. Be creative, have fun, engage others in your journey and enjoy the ride. There is so much to learn about yourself and the others you meet along the way.”

Kristy is proudly representing not only Synergy Credit Union, but Saskatchewan and Canada. Show your support – Follow Kristy’s journey!
Twitter: @kristymiazga

Calling for 2015 SYL Committee Positions

Are YOU interested in:

  • Enhancing your personal development?
  • Growing a professional network?
  • Positioning credit unions as an employer of choice?
  • Contributing to the growth of our youth in and for the CU system?

If so, apply to join the Saskatchewan Young Leaders Committee

The SYL committee has four positions available for terms starting in 2015.

The SYL is a committee with a mandate to work together to EMPOWER YOUTH to grow and prosper in and for the credit union system through attraction, retention, and development.

The SYL Committee has achieved great success over the years and 2015 promises to be another exciting year with an improved Sask CU Advance Competition and other great initiatives that we are keeping under wraps for now! Other activities the committee is typically involved in include positioning credit unions as an employer of choice among post-secondary students, offering leadership development opportunities for CU employees via electronic or in-person sessions, and supporting system alignment with the views of youth by offering a youth perspective on credit union initiatives.

SYL is comprised of 8 members and strives to be reflective of the SK CU system by having fair representation of credit unions (size, urban/rural, regional), as well as expertise and experience.

The SYL tenure is two years. Typical time commitments include approx. 4 two-day, off-site meetings per year, conference calls as required and a manageable amount of individual work as assigned.

To be eligible to apply, applicants must be:

  • Be aged 35 years or less at the start of the term.
  • Have not previously served as a member of the committee.
  • Attain full support from your direct supervisor.
  • Be prepared to be fully engaged in committee meetings, in executing our action plans, and during social networking events.

Applications will be accepted starting in October. Stay tuned for more details.
Applications will be available on the CUniverse.

 From left to right: Courtney Wishlow; Samantha Larsen; Maranda Sheahan; Rachel Obrigewitsch; Amanda Thoen; Cris Richer; Adam Johb; Amy Bott; Tyson Klapak From left to right: Courtney Wishlow; Samantha Larsen; Maranda Sheahan; Rachel Obrigewitsch; Amanda Thoen; Cris Richer; Adam Johb; Amy Bott; Tyson Klapak

Contact us:

What’s your Lollipop Moment?

Drew Dudley has a very insightful and entertaining TED Talk called “Everyday Leadership”  which shows the impact our actions can have on someone’s life. He talks about how we need to redefine leadership, and if we can change even one person’s understanding of what they’re capable of, we can change the whole world. He has a simple idea, but a large one, “that if we can understand leadership like that, I think if we can redefine leadership like that, I think we can change everything.”