Keeping a positive mental attitude contributes to your success


My first meeting with the SYL group we each signed up to write the blogs to be posted in a specific month. I made a list of a few different topics I felt comfortable writing about and did further research and reading as I wanted to write a post that would be of value to those who read it. My deadline was approaching and as I read other young leaders blog posts I started to doubt my message and ability to perform at the same level them. I put that post aside to share some of the things I remind myself of when my internal voice turns negative. These are things I do to try ensure my success:

  • You are in charge of your future. Think about where you are and where you would like to be in the future? Be honest with yourself about what you need to get there. Is there a gap in your education or experience? Don’t wait for someone to tell you what you need to do.
  • Self-improvement and skill development is important; don’t just focus on formal training. While working on projects involving other workgroups in the office or while volunteering I have learned areas within myself I want to work on to help position myself to move forward.  Working with people you admire helps you identify personal growth opportunities.
  • You willget back what you put in (the more effort on your end the more personal learning, development etc. will come out of your involvement) At the same time all you could do is your best at this time.
  • If you try something and fail at least you know you did your best and won’t regret not doing more. You won’t succeed if you never start. People want to see those around them succeed, even if your current endeavor isn’t as successful as you hoped, you will get valuable feedback.
  • Be open to feedback, the good and the bad continue to evolve. It will help you realize what’s working and what needs to be reworked. If you don’t get the results you hoped for i.e. a job you wanted or buy in on an idea, ask why and listen so next time you can address those barriers.
  • Share your thoughts, opinions and ideas. Welcome discussion, challenge and opposition that might come up. My position on a topic has evolved and I have learned immensely from those that oppose me.  Some of the best ideas or solutions to problems come from working through resistance.
  • There is never a good time or enough time. Your life will never be perfect or get to the point where you know you have time for things that come up. You won’t always be ready when opportunities present themselves. Say yes, make the time and stay positive. If you feel nervous, scared or worried you are out of your comfort zone this is a prime learning opportunity.
  • Don’t be intimidated, our organizations and system is full of really intelligent, productive, amazing people and just because you may not be at the same level as someone else out there doesn’t mean you will never get there. It also doesn’t mean that you are not bringing value to what you are doing.

By reviewing these points when I start doubting or thinking negatively, I quiet that internal voice and push ahead. I was worried about writing to this for an audience, let alone sharing my personal thoughts, but reviewing these thoughts helped me gain the momentum to keep going. My points might not work for you the important thing is you find what does.

Sheena Soke
Cornerstone Credit Union