Summer Leadership Opportunities

Finally, summer has arrived! The kids are out of school and the out of office replies are in full force. Whether you’re the one taking holidays or the one left at the office to hold the fort, this seems to be the time of year leadership skills are being developed without even realizing it.

Have you ever known someone who is quite happy to coast along at their job, confident in their abilities, willing to take on projects when asked, but never really taking that plunge toward leadership? When the boss is away, have you ever seen that person step up and take the lead? Sometimes, we are forced to take action when we least expect it. It can be scary and uncomfortable, but the result can be empowering and rewarding. We never know what we are capable of unless we try.

Even outside of work, are we recognizing the opportunities to grow and utilize our leadership skills? Maybe with a kid’s summer camp, a slow pitch team, a community event, or planning a family reunion. Each of us has been a leader in some aspect of our life.

Being able to recognize those opportunities is a vital part of growing your own leadership skills. But are we also able to recognize the potential in others so that we can encourage them to grow?

I think one of the best qualities in a leader is the ability to step back and let us figure it out on our own. As J. Sakiya Sandifer said, “True leaders don’t create followers…they create more leaders.” It’s like watching a parent teaching their child to walk. They hold the baby’s hand, providing the needed support at first but eventually have to let go. If you give someone the opportunity to take those first steps on their own, it can lead to great things.

Leaders and leadership opportunities are all around us. How will you make the most of your leadership journey this summer and beyond?

Brittany Halkyard
Deposit Services Assistant
Crossroads Credit Union