Meet our 2017 Sponsors


KMP LawThe firm of kmpLaw is the successor of the firm, Kraus McKay Pederson, through the merger of the firms of Kraus McKay Garden and Jameson, previously practicing in Regina, and the firm of Pederson Rourke Pinch, previously practicing in Saskatoon and Regina. The firm and its predecessors have been engaged in the practice of law in Saskatchewan since 1922. kmpLaw’s main practice areas are civil and criminal litigation, matrimonial, labor, administrative law, real property, mortgages, personal property security, estates, insurance, corporate commercial, foreclosure and insolvency. The firm acts for a wide variety of local, provincial and national clients.

Diamond Sponsor:

Concentra Financial – Concentra is Canada’s leading provider of wholesale finance and trust solutions to credit unions from coast to coast. 

Silver Sponsor:

Credit Union Deposit Guarantee CorporationCredit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation is the primary regulator for Saskatchewan credit unions and is given its mandate by provincial legislation. In fulfilling its mandate, the Corporation promotes responsible governance by credit unions, and the strength and stability of the credit union system.

CUMA – CUMA is for current and emerging credit union leaders who are career minded and passionate about credit unions. The Association strengthens the credit union system by organizing forums for networking that result in the sharing of experiences and the fostering of personal development. CUMA is committed to providing opportunities for the building of strong and sustainable relationships. CUMA provides opportunities for formal and informal networking. Active participation develops peer support networks, inter credit union co-operation and good will, and improves communication among its members. CUMA membership is open to all credit union employees over the age of 18. Those wishing to enhance or share their leadership skills will find being a CUMA member very beneficial. CUMA provides opportunities for all of our leaders and emerging leaders to network in an environment where title does not necessarily matter. We are fulfilling a role of building a stronger and more cohesive provincial credit union system. In some cases membership may be at the discretion of the credit union.

CRI Canada – CRI Canada is a marketer of creditor’s group insurance business and insurance related products. In 2017, CRI Canada was acquired as an independently operated affiliate of Securian Financial Group, a 135-year-old US-based company, and a leader in insurance and financial services.

Credit Union Payment Services (CUPS) – Payment services are provided by CUPS Payment Services, which is a joint venture between Alberta Central and SaskCentral. CUPS provides reliable, innovative and cost-effective payment services to credit unions, corporate clients and others in the financial services industry. A number of products and services such as cheque processing, electronic payments and customer internet services are available