Podcasts – Have you tried them?

The wonderful world of podcasts is a largely untapped learning resource. Already use them you say? Well then help us add to our list! Have no idea what a podcast is or how to listen to them? This sweet old lady would love to explain it to you http://ow.ly/2txX309YUou
We’ve compiled a list of a few of our favourites for your listening pleasure:

The UnPodcast – a marketing and customer service focused smorgasbord of awesome

Afford Anything – a financial literacy podcast helping people of all ages with money savviness

TEDTalks – covers a variety of topics, ideas worth spreading from people who are sure to inspire you.

Freakonomics Radio – hosted by the author of the popular ‘Freaknomics’ books have fun discovering the hidden side of….well everything.

Beautiful/Anonymous – this one’s just for fun. Listen to 1 hour calls where individuals from all walks of life call in and simply chat about whatever is on their mind.

Take a listen, tell us your favourites on twitter @SKYoungLeaders or email us info@skyoungleaders.com ! We’d love to hear from you.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Spread the #SYLove (and possibly get free coffee!)


SYL has an exciting year coming up and we’d like you to help us spread the word!

Here’s How:

Step 1:
Print this newsletter.

Step 2:
Hang it, display it, SHARE IT in your Credit Union for your Co-workers to see.

Get creative:, in your break room, in the bathrooms, by your photocopier. We can’t wait to see because….

Step 3:
Take a selfie, with the newsletter in your branch and share it on social media using the hashtag #SYLove (tag us too! @SKYoung Leaders)

5 participants will be selected at the end of April to receive a gift card. Coffee on SYL! And it’s not just any coffee – it’s TIMs! The more you post and share the better your chances are of receiving a prize.

Learning Opportunity: Evidence Based Decision Making

To register visit:
http://leadershipconference.usask.ca/ or call: 306-966-8686

Data is woven into every sector and function of our global economy; however, few organizations are using an Evidence-Based Leadership approach. During times of economic turmoil, sustaining your competitive advantage and maximizing your resources is paramount. To be a leader in your industry, you must utilize and implement data into your strategic decisions, making data-driven decisions part of your organization’s strategy using evidence-based leadership.

When organizations learn to employ facts while managing big data, it allows them to perform most efficiently. Learn what information you should be collecting, how to collect and analyze it and how to use what you learn to support your organization at the 2017 Leadership Conference held May 18, 2017 in Saskatoon, SK.



Each year, the National Young Leaders Committee, a committee of CCUA, holds a leadership intensive called CU NextGen. CU NextGen is an event where high-potential emerging leaders from throughout the Canadian credit union system gather to receive unparalleled leadership training, build relationships with emerging and senior leaders, and leave feeling energized about the credit union movement as well as their futures within it.

The one and a half day CU NEXTGEN™ Leadership Intensive will be held Sunday, May 7 to Monday, May 8, 2017 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We wanted to make sure you have the opportunity to register—space is limited and based on a first-come, first serve basis.

This year, Gregg Brown from Tidal Shift will lead participants through a thought-provoking program focused on change resiliency. In addition to exploring why change can be challenging, the program will introduce seven “change muscles” that help individuals use their energy more effectively as they move through the adaptation process. Attendees will receive individual feedback on their own resilience, and engage in exercises that provide practice in applying each of the characteristics. They will leave with an action plan for strengthening their own, and their team’s resilience, providing tangible takeaways for leaders at all levels of the credit union system.

Following the full-day change resiliency workshop, young leaders will participate in the exclusive Human Library learning and networking session. From there, they will continue their learning along-side leaders from across the Canadian credit union system as they actively participate in “Charting the Course” – CCUA’s 2017 National Conference for Canada’s Credit Unions.

NYLC WebEx: PayCo and the evolution of the payments ecosystem

 Eric Dillon Eric Dillon

Payments are a critical strategic driver for future credit union sustainability and growth, the CEO Payments Strategy Committee dedicated three years of work to conclude that PayCo is the right choice for the credit union system. Join the National Young Leaders Committee on April 5th at 1:00pm CST where Payments Strategy Committee Chair, Eric Dillon, will discuss the PayCo initiative.

PayCo intends to collectively address payment challenges and build next generation payments capabilities for credit unions. The WebEx will provide an overview of the current payment landscape and key areas of opportunity. It will address the financial and strategic importance of payments evolution and how the end-state model will better position the system to attract new members and new business.

The WebEx series allows the NYLC to act on its mission to develop, engage and connect young leaders across the country through raising awareness of highly relevant and strategic topics. PayCo and the work of the Payments Strategy Committee is a perfect example of leaders coming together to address a system-wide opportunity. The NYLC certainly supports and encourages system collaboration and foresees this type of activity as essential to ongoing sustainability and growth. We hope that you are able to join us for this event.

SYL Spotlight: Synergy Emerging Leaders


With a primary focus of providing financial literacy education, Synergy Emerging Leaders invites participation in their group without age restriction. The group is always looking to expand topics and target age ranges in order to add to their success in the past few years of educating youth. The group meets 3 times annually for supper meetings to go over progress and expand on ideas.

In the fall of 2016 S.E.L. hosted their annual wine and cheese event that was opened to all staff. Each year the focus is on a different topic, most recently was a speaker on business etiquette. This event is among other opportunities the group is given throughout the year to plan events for staff and management.

“We have a great management team that empowers us to be better leaders. It’s great to see how willing [they] are to help us all build our skills.”

— Nadine Wilson, Chair of S.E.L. as of January 2017

Nadine is joined by fellow executive Amanda Renaud, Vice Chair and Jenna Wall, secretary. Past chair, Justin Villeneuve, is responsible for the mentorship program that many of the emerging leaders and managers within Synergy Credit Union take part in.

Thank you Synergy Emerging Leaders!

Want your Young Leader group to be featured next?  Email us: info@skyoungleaders.com

What does fulfillment actually mean?

We all know that technology in today’s world seems to take away from basic human interactions.  In a world that is full of fast paced change and always striving for the next big thing in your life, it becomes almost impossible to know if we actually have a sense of fulfillment.  Due to all of the external distractors we have we often don’t take time to stop and ask ourselves if we are actually fulfilled. You might ask yourself what fulfillment actually means and to some it may be the next big promotion or the new car or to start a family but foundationally the key to fulfillment is helping others. If we take time to step outside of our own lives and look for ways to help others that is truly where we find fulfillment.  “Statistics say that 90% of people don’t feel fulfilled by the work they do and it is not because of the job or the pay it is because we don’t help each other anymore. We sit in our cubicles and only go to others when we need something yet we don’t put ourselves out there for simply any other reason than to help someone else.” (Simon Sinek-How to Find Fulfillment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KvDvRUNw9k).  So the question becomes “do you feel fulfilled at work, at home and/or in your everyday life, if not what will you do about it? If the key to fulfillment is helping others then what small steps can you take today that will make you feel more fulfilled? How can you reach out and help a co-worker today without expecting anything in return. How can you go home and do something nice for your significant other and not expect them to return the favour?

I encourage you to watch the video below. This video made me stop in my tracks and reflect on what I am doing to make the world a better place by simply helping someone else and expecting nothing in return. As Simon Sinek points out, in the video quoted above, helping others makes you FEEL good which is why we do it. And even bigger than making you feel good it helps you feel fulfilled.  So in our world today that’s full of constant negativity I challenge everyone to spend 5 minutes each day for the next month doing something for someone else. I guarantee you will feel more fulfilled in all aspects of your life by incorporating such a small thing into your daily routine.

Shannon Mellquist
Unity Credit Union


Engaging in Co-operatives

The Cooperative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF) is looking to build up its Engagement Committee, whose purpose is to ‘help staff generate volunteer, financial and technical assistance resources through its current relationships and the cultivation of new relationships with the Canadian co-operative sector. Essentially, helping them fundraise and recruit new project volunteers.

Find out how you can become involved today!
http://cdfcanada.coop/news-and-resources/build-a-global-co-operative-community https://www.facebook.com/CoopsInCanada

Six new SYL committee members announced

Welcome to our six new SYL committee members! They will be joining Brittany Halkyard (Crossroads CU), Darren Enns (Luseland CU), and Naomi Seaborg (Conexus CU) on the 2017-18 SYL Committee.

Our thanks to Amy Bott (SaskCentral), Ashley Kennedy (SaskCentral), Chantelle Doratti (Affinity CU), Sheena Soke (Cornerstone CU) for their hard work on behalf of the SYL.