We can’t thank everyone enough who had a hand in our 2018 retreat!

For retreat location information, agendas, application criteria and all pre event information, please visit http://skyoungleaders.com/2018-retreat/

Presenter Recap

Jeph Maystruck from Strategy Lab kicked off our event, with unconventional wisdom about ‘finding your why’.

Jeph’s Slides

Connect with Jeph on Twitter @JephMaystruck or visit his website https://strategylab.ca/

Jay Crockett from Innovation Credit Union taught us all about Mullets, Cab Drivers, stretches and driving your own engagement.

Jay’s Slides

Connect with Jay on Twitter @jcro37 or visit Innovation online. 

As a thank you to Jay for donating his time to our retreat, we have made a donation in his name to BUH Foundation.

Andrea Phippen, HR Manager for Hillberg and Berk, gave a great presentation on leadership and EQ. Andrea’s piece spanned the majority of the day Wednesday, and included breakaway sessions, real life Credit Union scenarios, and a Harvard Business case study. We also reviewed the Johari Window with people in our circle, and again at the retreat.

Andrea’s Slides

Connect with Andrea on Twitter @trippinphippen or visit Hillberg & Berk online.

As a thank you to Andrea for donating her time, we have made donations to two charities of her choice –  Sofia House and North Central Family Centre.

Our very own 2017 SYL chair Naomi Seaborg presented on Cooperatives.

Naomi’s Slides

Connect with Naomi on Twitter @SeaborgNaomi or visit Conexus online.

Josh Noble – Well Capitalized

We were lucky enough to have Saskatchewan’s own Co-operative guru, Josh Noble of Unity Credit Union, speak on his website, Well Capitalized. Josh’s aim is to increase awareness in social capital and co-operativism.

Connect with Josh on Twitter @josh_noble or visit his website.

Erin Close and Christine Tucker of Synergy Credit Union closed out our event with a great presentation linking emotional intelligence to culture and leadership.

Erin & Christine’s Handout

Connect on Twitter with Erin Close  @close_e or Christine Tucker @C_ATucker

Synergy Credit Union can be found online at www.synergycu.ca

As a thank you to Erin & Christine for donating their time to our retreat, we have made a donation in their names to the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.

Reading & Podcast List