Join us May 18th & May 27th for Virtual sessions on handling stress through change & rethinking leadership for success!

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May 18, 2021

9:00 – 11:30 am

The Change Challenge

Are you undergoing multiple changes in your workplace that impact all staff? Are you curious about ways to navigate this effectively when some employees are frustrated and stress is already high? Organizations with a high rate of change are known for higher rates of stress leave and turnover not to mention team tension. Leaders can help employees by increasing their understanding of how to protect staff mental health when it comes to uncertainty. This session focuses on how to help staff through the stress that change brings while reducing leader overwhelm with how to support them.

In this interative and dynamic workshop, participants will learn:

  • Why some staff roll with change and others don’t
  • Communication strategies that help when only some employees are listening
  • The psychosocial factors that support staff mental health
  • What employees need to hear from their leader for individual and team resilience
  • How to revive yourself if you are change weary while championing transformation

Shannon Gander is a Mental Health and Resiliency Strategist. She is a skilled consultant, trainer, counselor and mediator who has been involved in workplace interventions since the mid 90’s. Shannon runs Life Work Wellness, a company that empowers individuals and organizations with skills for resiliency and mental health protection. She also has a passion for helping people at all organizational levels see their role in everyday actions that foster respectful workplace culture. Shannon’s dynamic background in conflict mediation and counselling help her to bring human behaviour topics to life in a way that is authentic and engaging, teaching participants skills to apply right away and into the future in all areas of life.

May 27, 2021

9:00 – 11:30 am

Rethink ‘Leader’

This session will look at the necessity to rethink leadership to succeed as leaders, teams, and organizations.

We are trapped in a paradox. The world demands that our organizations adapt more effectively, demonstrate agility, move more rapidly, and evolve. And yet we as leaders are the limit our organizations and teams cannot grow beyond.

We are driving our organizations trying to go faster, our foot to the floor on the gas pedal. Yet we are simultaneously the governor on the car’s engine, limiting it’s speed.

Compounding this, educational institutions continue to teach traditional ways of leading, and organizations continue to measure and reinforce these techniques – although they are literally a century old and were created for a world much different than today.

In this session we’ll look at the environment we’re operating in, and what leadership methods and mindsets work best depending on the level of complexity and uncertainty we’re dealing with. We’ll also look at where we go from here, what skills need to be developed to succeed, and how we want to show up as leaders.

Let’s rethink the value we bring as leaders, to create a successful future.

Jasmine is a nerd at heart and in connecting leadership and science, she’s discovered that we are often constrained in paradoxes and puzzles that we can solve, if only we could see. This proved true for her throughout her 20+ years in leadership (10 years as VP in the CU system) not just in the good times, but also in times she felt stuck and frustrated. Leading through crisis and triumphs, Jasmine found a sense of humanity and fearlessness to challenge our own thinking, and our own truth. These experiences made her realize that by interconnecting neuroscience, psychology, physiology and leadership, we can create leaders who are the heartbeat of the organization and the cadence of that beat is what shapes the health or distress of the environment people work within.
Those who know her would say that she is unwaveringly driven to help people succeed, power-up their talents, and create value. Her upbringing in rural Canada (St. Brieux, Saskatchewan) instilled that working together and giving back are paramount. These perspectives have shaped her entire professional life and today remain grounded in how she systematically helps leaders and organizations thrive and get back to being alive.

Today, she mobilizes all of this in the work she does every day as Chief Disruptor at Rhythmic Leader Science Co, AMP Coaching & Consulting, and as Head of Leadership Development for the Boston University Agile Innovation Lab. She creates clarity and enables leaders and organizations to become their best, in finding the cadence that helps them win together, bringing their future success into the present.
Connect here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasminekernaleguen/