A Huge Success

Sask CU Advance was designed by Young Leaders for Young Leaders, and the Saskatchewan Young Leaders couldn’t be more proud of our young leaders who stepped forward to submit their innovative ideas to move the Saskatchewan Credit Union system forward! Congratulations to all the applicants. Your time, effort, and engagement did not go unnoticed. The first step to continuing success is having employees who are enthusiastic and willing to go above and beyond. Thank you for stepping up and leading others. We encourage all applicants to continue to grow and foster their ideas. With a little work and motivation we’ll see those ideas benefiting the entire system and our members in no time.


Special thanks to our three talented credit union professionals who presented at the CEO Peer Group in Regina – Ashley Hamilton, Chelsey Protz, and Shaun Henry. Our finalists stole the show at the Peer Group meeting in Regina, and represented their respective credit unions and the young leaders of Saskatchewan with dignity, creativity and strength. Each of you are talented individuals and an asset to our Sask CU System.

And a huge Congratulations to our winner – Ashley Hamilton from Prairie Centre Credit Union! Ashley’s goal is to teach young people about debt, credit and savings to empower them with the knowledge they need to make smart financial decisions. The project is designed to appeal to young people while educating them. In her presentation, Ashley provided suggestions for how credit unions of any size could implement similar programs of their own.

Ashley was awarded with a $3,500 educational stipend, and plans to complete her Bachelor of Commerce degree with it. Chelsey and Shaun each received a $250 gift card for runner-up prizes.

Alyssa Siegel, Chair of Saskatchewan Young Leaders, said, “Through the Sask CU Advance competition, we were able to share ideas between emerging and established senior leaders in the credit union system – which directly focused on solving some of the challenges facing the system today. At the same time, the Sask CU Advance competition provided an unparalleled development opportunity for emerging leaders. Through our website, and social media links, Sask CU Advance provided a venue for sharing ideas and perspectives, while raising conversations throughout the entire credit union system. Many great ideas have been uncovered and shared by Saskatchewan’s young leaders.”

While this year’s Sask CU Advance competition has ended, SYL will continue to develop new ideas to improve the credit union system in Saskatchewan. Continue to watch for updates on our website www.SaskCUAdvance.com, Like the Saskatchewan Young Leaders Facebook page, and follow SYL on Twitter @skyoungleaders.

Saskatchewan Young Leaders Committee

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