I am going to take this opportunity to do some reminiscing and reflecting on what have been the most eventful and rewarding 3 years of my career. My days are numbered on this committee as we approach the end of my term and I’ll be honest, I’m a little sad about that. Three years ago, I joined the SYL Committee and I was blissfully unaware of what it was going to do to me. My thoughts were I would meet some new people and create some new contacts that would be valuable moving forward in my career… Let me tell you, it has been so much more than that:

  • First and foremost these people — fellow CUers — that I’ve met on this committee are far more than just “contacts”. These are my friends that have the same passion and desire to better our own Credit Unions, ourselves and the system as a whole. I cherish each and every one of them for their diversity and kindness.
  • I was promoted to a managerial position 1 year into my SYL tenure. Coincidence? I think not!
  • The hard work and dedication of previous committee members has laid the foundation to allow the SYL to continue to execute different initiatives that provide our community members with the opportunity to break out of their shells and network with different people. There have been so many gratifying moments watching people step out of their comfort zone and excel and knowing that I’ve had some level influence in that. “Proud Dad” type moments almost.. I’m not old, you’re old.
  • Witnessing the level of support provided by CUs and other system partners of all sizes is truly something to behold. It takes all kinds and we have a uniqueness about us that I believe sets us apart from the rest.

To sum up life on the SYL Committee — you meet the most wonderful people, you get promoted, you learn an insane amount about yourself and your abilities, and you are afforded many opportunities to learn and grow. For all of this, I will be forever thankful that the leaders at my CU gave me the chance to experience life as a Saskatchewan Young Leader.

If any of this excites you or you know someone that would be a great fit I encourage anyone to reach out to the SYL committee for more information!

Travis Leonard
Radius Credit Union

For fun, I’ve asked the other outgoing committee members for some input on their tenure with SYL:

“Much like Travis, I have experienced many rewards for being part of SYL. For many years I wanted to be part of the committee so when I finally got the opportunity I was ecstatic. SYL creates an environment for young leaders in the system to connect, share new ideas and work to move our system forward. My time on the committee provided me with personal and professional growth but most of all I will forever be grateful for the friendships I have formed.”

Shannon Mellquist – Unity Credit Union

“I am very thankful for the opportunities SYL has provided me. I’ve experienced my own personal and professional development, and I’ve also been able to witness others have their own lightbulb moments and transformations. Watching people grow makes me excited for what this young generation has in store for the Credit Union System and our province. The people I’ve met and friendships I’ve made are invaluable. I’ve learned something from every person on this committee and gain real takeaways for my role at work through our events. I’m thrilled I could be part of SYL.”

Pamela Anderson – Weyburn Credit Union

“Where do I even begin! Much like my fellow SYL committee members, I am so thankful for the amazing opportunities that SYL has provided me! It has helped me get out of my comfort zone, embrace all the opportunities that the SYL has brought me and focus on my professional development. I have had the privilege to meet and work with an amazing group of fellow young leaders, build friendships/networks. The opportunities and learning have helped me grow in my career and as a person and I am beyond thankful for everything this committee has provided”

Katelyn Kosokowsky – Innovation Credit Union

“Summarizing my time on the SYL Committee is extremely difficult as the amount of growth and learning I’ve experienced over the past 3 years from this committee is immeasurable. I echo all of Travis’ comments and never could have imagined being a part of such a passionate, caring, inclusive, and driven group. One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned is the importance of stepping outside your comfort zone. If you don’t take risks and get uncomfortable it’s very difficult to experience growth. Sure you’ll make a mistake or two along the way, but that’s what growth is all about, and when you have a supportive team like the SYL committee they will help build you up and focus on the positive. I am beyond grateful for the opportunities the committee has provided me and more importantly the life-long connections I’ve build over the past 3 years!”

Lauren Loehndorf – Affinity Credit Union