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I Heart SYL

I must admit that I have debated about my last SYL blog content over the past few weeks.   I felt pulled by each of the thoughts that 2020 was done (but not), that 2021 is a new year (but not a clean slate), combined with all of the personal and professional positives and negatives that […]

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

This is my first blog ever. Even when blogging was cool, I wasn’t cool enough to do it. I decided to write my first blog about a passion of mine and something that affects my life on a daily basis: Superheroes. Now some people think that superheroes only exist in comic books, movies, or tv […]

To Infinity…. And Beyond! Life lessons from SYL

Well hello SYL community! If you’ve had the chance to attend any of our events the past few years, you’ve likely seen me hop on the mic to say hello. My name is Ashley – I am a third year SYL committee member, former Chair, and general Saskatchewan Young Leaders super fan. I hope this […]


March 16, 2020   Dear SYL Community,   It is with heavy hearts that we announce that we are postponing all in-person SYL events, including Retreat and the Young Leaders Inspiration Awards. These events were set to take place May 26-28, 2020. As our province and Credit Unions manage the ongoing threat of COVID 19, […]

Do you have an “Internal Monologue”?

A good friend of mine (Thanks Len!) recently shared a blog he came across around the internal monologue that I assumed we all have. You know what I’m saying right – that conversation you have with yourself inside your brain when mulling over a decision or contemplating life? I was stunned to realize that not […]

Own Your Dash

I recently heard about “Own The Dash”.  Dakota Meyer is an American Veteran who’s spearheading this mission. The concept is simple, though it may have somewhat of a morbid undertone. When you die, your tombstone will read DOB-DOD. The two dates listed next to your name are the only ones you live with less than […]