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Making a difference in our local and international communities has always been an integral component of credit union business. Back in  2012, Credit Union Central of Canada’s National Young Leaders Committee (NYLC) designed and sold “I <3 MY CU” t-shirts, raising over $35,000 for the Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF), which used the money to fund co-operative development projects in Canada and around the world

Earlier this year, the NYLC decided to do it again, and ran a contest to design a new logo.  Kelsie Valliere from Macklin Credit Union, SK won, and now her winning design is available for order!  In addition to t-shirts, the Committee decided to also put the logo on soccer balls.

– net proceeds from t-shirt and soccer ball sales will be donated to the  Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada’s (CDF) Build a Better World campaign, which supports hundreds of co-operatives and credit unions around the world in their efforts to help millions of people work their way out of poverty. They could not complete this work without donations raised through fundraising initiatives such as the Build a Better World campaign, which is a joint effort of the CCA and CDF.

The best part? Every time $1.00 is donated, it is matched up to $4.00 once the funds are assigned to a CDF project.  This means if the credit union system youth raise $250,000 alone, the actual amount dedicated to building a better world through co-operatives could be as much as $1,000,000!

If 225 credit unions raise $1,000 each – we will achieve and exceed our fundraising goal!

An order form is attached, and is also available through the NYLC’s Build a Better World web page.  Please – download the form, buy a shirt and send it to

Link to more information

Through the global youth community – together we can change the world.

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