Do you have an “Internal Monologue”?

A good friend of mine (Thanks Len!) recently shared a blog he came across around the internal monologue that I assumed we all have. You know what I’m saying right – that conversation you have with yourself inside your brain when mulling over a decision or contemplating life? I was stunned to realize that not everyone has this. What was even more shocking was the reaction of those who don’t do this. It got me thinking – what does the decision making process look like for these people? How do they weigh the pros and cons? For me – I almost have a debate inside my mind until I come to a decision. I can hear my own voice working through the options. It’s natural – it’s always been there. Reading the article was shocking yes, but it was also a good reminder for me that everyone thinks and processes things in a different way – and we always need to be conscious of that. My next goal – find out how these people so easily turn it off! Take a read for yourself – and prepare to have your mind blown!

Ryan Reiss
2020 Chair, Saskatchewan Young Leaders

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