Got a great idea but your Manager said “No”!

Here are 3 key elements of missed that will help you get a “Yes!”

Young leaders often have creative ideas and lots of energy! They want to see their ideas come to life; however get frustrated when Management says no due to budget or other resource constraints. So how do you convince them?

Well here it is. Do your research and spend more on the “How”; the “When”; and the “Why” and not just the “What.” What do we mean?

Selling an idea to your Manager is no different than convincing members to buy more products and services. Your idea is the “What”; however to convince leaders, you need to show them the value or the “Why”. They want to know it’s not going to cost too much time or money to implement or the “How”. Finally, timing needs to fit with budget and other strategic priorities or the “When.”

Experienced and successful leaders know that a lot of great ideas fail due to poor planning and poor implementation. So, you need to present the “Why”; “How”; and “When” in order for them to know the idea is more likely to succeed then fail.

Before you bring your idea forward, do your research on the following:

Why you believe the idea will benefit the credit union?

  • Where does it fit within the credit union’s strategic plan?
  • Will it increase revenue?
  • Will it reduce expenses?
  • Will it increase member loyalty so they buy more products from us?
  • Will it increase employee satisfaction?
  • For all of the above, what research have you done to validate this?
  • Has it been successful somewhere else and do you have those results to share?

How will you implement?

  • Who will lead this process?
  • What other resources are required?
  • Is there a proven implementation plan used elsewhere we can learn from?

When is best timing for implementation?

  • When would budget $ be available?
  • When would the resources required for implementation be available?
  • When would it best align with other projects or strategic priorities on the go?

Leaders like to see employees be resourceful so while you may wonder where to find all this information; it is often available by asking a few colleagues for help. Some ideas need very little effort; while others may require a lot of research.  Regardless, these steps will help move your ideas forward. You may learn your idea; while great on the surface; may not make sense today before you even present to your Manager. However, you may realize and help your leadership realize; that your idea is the best strategic initiative to come along in years!  So go for it!!

Doug Jones,
Cornerstone Credit Union

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