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I must admit that I have debated about my last SYL blog content over the past few weeks.   I felt pulled by each of the thoughts that 2020 was done (but not), that 2021 is a new year (but not a clean slate), combined with all of the personal and professional positives and negatives that seemed to be so amplified this past year.  Not to mention, some of the past SYL blogs by exiting members that have set a pretty high standard!

I have finally settled on taking the high road…. a compilation of my best SYL take-aways and memories.

Spot It

My first SYL game.  A card game, family friendly, childish, if you will, brought to you by Naomi Seaborg.  At my January inauguration, it took me too many rounds to figure out that she was cheating by just picking one of the images…not an actual match.  Still fun enough that I bought it and play it regularly with my kids (and don’t cheat like Naomi).


Cypress Hills and Elk Ridge, both with themes of personal development, emotional intelligence and connection with other attendees…and both with enough ‘oomph’ to knock me backwards even though I was part of the planning subcommittee for Elk Ridge.  Our presenters at both were so inspiring and amazing that I left with a swimming head full of ideas and a heart full of hope, at just the right time in my life.  SYL works like that, little miracles when you least expect it.

CUMA Curling

A fantastic event that makes you feel like you’re awesome at curling when you’re really not.  My suggestion is for a CUMA baseball or golf tournament, perhaps something a little less physically dangerous, like Crib or Go Fish.


It is truly unbelievable how easily complete strangers with a few core values in common can come together and get so many things done, do them well, and do them well together.  It is like nothing else. Friendship, laughter, some tears, frustration, comradery, more laughter…I know it sounds so cheesy…but it’s so true.  2020 being 2020, our members were able to stop, think, readjust, redo, create with what seemed like ease.  I am so excited to see what SYL is going to do next!



Love it or hate it…ask your favorite SYL committee member or alumni to lead you in this fantastic ice breaker.  The song is pretty good too.


Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.


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