If you’re a “not as Young” Leader, read this…

What a fantastic response to Sask CU Advance!  Some fabulous ideas have been shared!

Read (and watch) them…and vote.  It’s hard to pick one, but don’t let that
deter you. This is a great opportunity to recognize some of our best and

But something else occurred to me when I was reading and watching
the applications.  It’s a “not so” secret
tip for all the “not as young” leaders out there…there’s some really, really
good ideas being presented here. There are ideas here that can work in my
credit union – and yours too!

 ♡2010 by Author/Artist. Copying Art is an act of love. Please copy and share. ♡2010 by Author/Artist. Copying Art is an act of love. Please copy and share.

As a senior leader at a credit union, my counterparts
and I are charged with the responsibility of not only leading the day to day
operation but to set future direction to ensure our organization stays relevant
and will be around to serve our members for many more years. On a daily basis, we make decisions, solve
problems and try real hard to keep the ship pointed in the right direction. It’s
not an easy job and sometimes we run out of creative ideas. That’s where Sask CU Advance comes in. There
are some really creative and thoughtful ideas here to solve problems we are all
facing. Read them, watch them and most importantly, use some of them.

 Corvyn Neufeld Corvyn Neufeld

Congratulations Saskatchewan Young Leaders for creating the
idea of Sask CU Advance. You’ve given young leaders from across our great
province the venue to share their ideas and to present themselves.  And congratulations to all the applicants! You’ve
shared your energy, creativity and passion and
you’ve given us some great ideas we can use.

Corvyn Neufeld, Cornerstone Credit Union

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