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The idea was simple – create an innovative competition that is designed by young leaders for young leaders. That’s what the Saskatchewan Young Leaders committee discussed earlier this year. We were determined that this could be the start of something good for our credit union system. But with every great idea comes the fear of failure. All of the “what ifs” start to come into play. “What if” we don’t have the time to pull it off this year? “What if” we don’t have the buy-in needed from our peers? “What if” we commit the time to this project and get no submissions. All these “what ifs” and more came into play and we almost didn’t go through with it – the key word being “almost”….

A few months later, and with the help and expertise of Currency, the Sask CU Advance competition was created. SYL spent the time creating the video launch and believing in this competition that holds the potential of driving our young leaders and the Sask CU system forward. We engaged with Executive Management, Saskatchewan Young Leaders, and our National Young Leaders to provide some great articles to show their support in our youth. All we had to do was wait. Wait for our young leaders in our system to step forward. To be encouraged by their CEOs or managers, or by their peers to bring forward their innovative idea to move the system forward. From our perspective and sitting on the sidelines, it was a long wait! But we weren’t discouraged. We believed and knew our young leaders would come forward. The first submission came in, and it didn’t take long after that for more young leaders to step forward to submit their ideas.

We are excited that 20 young leaders came forward with their innovative ideas. On behalf of the Saskatchewan Young Leaders, we congratulate all of our applicants for taking the time to submit, for believing in their ideas, and for supporting our first ever innovation competition. We are very proud of all of you!

Only the top 3 will move on to the finals where their ideas will be presented to the CEO peer group. And there’s less than one day left to vote! If you haven’t voted yet, take the time to read and view these 20 awesome applications. Vote for your favourite. And don’t forget to give kudos to these applicants. They truly deserve it.

So don’t wait. This is your chance to have your voice be heard by voting for your favourite in the Sask CU Advance Competition.

The Saskatchewan Young Leaders strives to empower youth to grow in and for the credit union system. We thank everyone for their support in the success of this competition.

Samantha Larsen ,
Cornerstone Credit Union

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