NYLC WebEx: PayCo and the evolution of the payments ecosystem

 Eric Dillon Eric Dillon

Payments are a critical strategic driver for future credit union sustainability and growth, the CEO Payments Strategy Committee dedicated three years of work to conclude that PayCo is the right choice for the credit union system. Join the National Young Leaders Committee on April 5th at 1:00pm CST where Payments Strategy Committee Chair, Eric Dillon, will discuss the PayCo initiative.

PayCo intends to collectively address payment challenges and build next generation payments capabilities for credit unions. The WebEx will provide an overview of the current payment landscape and key areas of opportunity. It will address the financial and strategic importance of payments evolution and how the end-state model will better position the system to attract new members and new business.

The WebEx series allows the NYLC to act on its mission to develop, engage and connect young leaders across the country through raising awareness of highly relevant and strategic topics. PayCo and the work of the Payments Strategy Committee is a perfect example of leaders coming together to address a system-wide opportunity. The NYLC certainly supports and encourages system collaboration and foresees this type of activity as essential to ongoing sustainability and growth. We hope that you are able to join us for this event.

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