Podcasts – Have you tried them?

The wonderful world of podcasts is a largely untapped learning resource. Already use them you say? Well then help us add to our list! Have no idea what a podcast is or how to listen to them? This sweet old lady would love to explain it to you http://ow.ly/2txX309YUou
We’ve compiled a list of a few of our favourites for your listening pleasure:

The UnPodcast – a marketing and customer service focused smorgasbord of awesome

Afford Anything – a financial literacy podcast helping people of all ages with money savviness

TEDTalks – covers a variety of topics, ideas worth spreading from people who are sure to inspire you.

Freakonomics Radio – hosted by the author of the popular ‘Freaknomics’ books have fun discovering the hidden side of….well everything.

Beautiful/Anonymous – this one’s just for fun. Listen to 1 hour calls where individuals from all walks of life call in and simply chat about whatever is on their mind.

Take a listen, tell us your favourites on twitter @SKYoungLeaders or email us info@skyoungleaders.com ! We’d love to hear from you.

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