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It’s encouraging to see the Sask CU Advance reaching out to engage young leaders among our credit union system in Saskatchewan. (Ah, why not…I’ll call it “The Movement”!) In the thirty plus years that I’ve been involved with credit unions in Saskatchewan, I’ve been driven by my personal beliefs in the value of freedom of choice, and that freedom of choice always comes with responsibility attached. These beliefs are important to me, and I’ve always found comfort in the fact that I can see them put into practice daily throughout the credit union system. If we were to give them names they would sound like “voluntary membership” and “member participation.”

I’ve always been inspired by the people (both staff and elected) that I’ve had the privilege to work with and to serve over the years, and by their passion for the credit union model. It’s through their leadership that credit unions have generated member focused innovations in the past. And it will be through the courage of new leaders, those prepared to ask the hard questions like “Why?” and “Why not?”, that we will create the next great wave of member focused innovations. The credit union model works, so long as we get involved and exercise our choice. So… shape your future, vote for young leaders, and take your place in building our stories of “people helping people”.

Keith Nixon
CEO of SaskCentral

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