These standards of conduct are in essence the behaviour of Saskatchewan Young Leaders towards their peers, their management, other professionals and credit union members. It is the duty of every member of the Saskatchewan Young Leaders Community (the SYL Community) to uphold and increase professionalism and prestige of the SYL Community by providing constructive leadership within the credit union and the credit union system.  In keeping with the high standards of ethical conduct, members will carry out their professional work with honesty, integrity, courtesy, and impartiality.


  1. All members of the SYL Community shall comply with the letter and spirit of all applicable laws and regulations, including, but not limited to, the Credit Union Act 1998 and the rules and regulations established by their credit union and Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation.
  2. Members will, in exercising their responsibilities in all professional matters, subordinate personal interest to that of the public, their credit union, Credit Union Central of Saskatchewan or Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation, as the nature of the case may require.
  3. No member will associate himself/herself with, or sign any letter, report, statement or representation, which he/she knows or should know to be false or misleading.
  4. Members shall be committed to a proactive leadership role in environmental matters as they relate to the credit union and the community.

Relations with the Public

  1. Members shall not engage in or acquire a beneficial interest in any business, profession or occupation by utilizing confidential knowledge of the credit union system, their credit union, or its members’ affairs. Members must information their employer or immediate supervisor of any business connections, interests, or affiliations which might influence their judgment or of which the credit union system or their credit union might reasonably expect to be informed.
  2. Members will have proper regard for the welfare of the public in the performance of their professional duties and will endeavor to extend public knowledge and appreciation of the credit union system, its achievements and philosophy. Members shall oppose any untruth and any unsupported or exaggerated statements regarding the credit union system or their credit union.

Relations with Employees

  1. Members shall not in the course of their duties on behalf of the credit union system or their credit union, hold, receive, bargain for, become entitled to or acquire any fee, remuneration or benefit without the knowledge and consent of their employer.
  2. Members shall not acquire any interest or property, or take any position in connection with which they improperly use confidential knowledge of the credit union system, their credit union, or their employees’ affairs.
  3. Members will respect and maintain confidentiality of information gained, including, but not limited to, SYL Community documents and files, training resources, and all information, documents or papers relating to business affairs of the credit union system or their credit union.  Members shall not disclose or produce such information, documents or papers without the consent of the party concerned except by lawful authority.
  4. Members shall inform their employer of any business connections, affiliations, or interests of which the employer might reasonably expect to be informed, or might, in the view of the employer, constitute a conflict of interest.
  5. No members shall knowingly lend themselves, their name or services to an unlawful act of their employer or members of their credit union.

Relations with SYL Community Members

  1. No members shall in respect to professional work entrusted to them, criticize the competency of another SYL Community member, the credit union system, or their credit union without first submitting the criticism to the concerned party.
  2. Members will uphold and maintain, where within their jurisdiction to do so, the principle of appropriate and fair compensation and fair employment practices, and will encourage professional development and advancement of peers and subordinates within their immediate employ.


I have read, understood and agree to abide by the Standards of Conduct of the Saskatchewan Young Leaders Community (the SYL Community) and I understand that such adherence is a condition of my membership to the SYL Community. I understand that a violation of the Standards of Conduct may be grounds for termination of membership and may be elevated to my credit union and immediate supervisor for further action.