SYL and NYL working together!


The SYL Committee is pleased to be partnering with the National Young Leaders Committee at the 2016 National Conference for Canada’s Credit Unions.  This year the Conference is being held in our very own province.  The conference runs from May 1-4, 2016 at the TCU Place in Saskatoon.

The first days of the Conference focus on the CU NextGenTM Leadership Intensive.  The NextGenTM Leadership Intensive is an exciting leadership development program hosted by the NYL Committee.  It provides Canadian credit unions with a unique opportunity to develop their young and emerging leaders by preparing them to be next senior decision makers in our system.   The remaining days of the conference will feature keynote speakers, forum discussions and a trade show.

The SYL Committee’s involvement in the Conference will include:

  • A booth at the trade show
  • Volunteering throughout the conference, specifically NextGenTM events
  • Co-hosting an event with the NYL Committee on the evening of May 1 (open to all conference participants)

The SYL Committee would love to see you at the conference. Registration to the conference is filling up quickly.  For more information on the Conference, as well as registration please visit: The Conference booklet can be found on the website.

As always, feel free to reach out to any of our SYL Committee members with questions or comments:

Ashley Kennedy | SYL Chair | SaskCentral | | 306.566.7746
Naomi Seaborg | SYL Vice-Chair | Conexus CU| | 306.365.2254
Brittany Halkyard | Crossroads CU | | 306.547.3213
Chantelle Doratti | Affinity CU | | 306.657.6836
Darren Enns | Luseland CU | | 306.372.4444
Sheena Soke |Cornerstone CU | | 306.786.2254
Steven Schwartz | Prairie Centre CU | | 306.967.1212
Summer Allen | New Community CU | | 306.653.5134
Amy Bott | Admin Support | SaskCentral | | 306.566.1227

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