Let us introduce you to our fabulous vice chair, Bonnie Reakes! This is Bonnie’s first year with SYL, and we are lucky to have her. Here is a preview of what you would find from working with or being around Bonnie: she is smart, gets things done like she says she will, has a fun/bubbly personality, and is very open or welcoming. Those are only a few ideas, to list all her great traits would take too long!

Now that you know a bit about Bonnie, let us ask her some questions so we can find out more!

Tell us about you and your Credit Union journey. How did you get to where you are now?

Growing up in a Credit Union family, my dad was in the system most of his working career; the Co-operative values had always been instilled in me. I had an amazing opportunity to attend co-op camp in my youth which founded my interest in Co-operatives and Credit Unions. I went on with life and went down a different path, eventually ending up working at a big bank. The whole time my family is encouraging me to try to get a job in the Credit Union System. In 2014 I had the opportunity to make the leap over to a Credit Union. What a culture difference! It was the best decision I have ever made! I have been with the Credit Union ever since and couldn’t be happier to be employed by an organization that aligns with my personal values.

Why did you join SYL?

I have a desire to be involved in things, not only to expand my knowledge and experience but to support others in their journey. I was lucky to experience a couple of the wonderful events that SYL put on and I thought, how great would it be to be involved. What a great opportunity to bring similar experiences to other young leaders. Being able to collaborate with like-minded individuals is an incredible thing.

What are you most excited about this year for SYL?

I was truly excited for the Retreat; I haven’t had the opportunity to attend one in the past. Not only did I get to attend, I got to help plan! What a fun experience!

I am now super excited to see the new committee members in the coming months. I look forward to sharing my journey with new awesome individuals.