It’s time to introduce another SYL committe member. I decided to pick on Keenan Davreux, Senior Financial Performance Analyst with Conexus Credit Union, as I haven’t had the pleasure of working closely with him yet. This is Keenan’s first year with SYL and he is currently our Creative Director and also on the Development Days sub-committee.

Read on to learn more about Keenan with me 🙂

Tell us about you and your Credit Union journey. How did you get to where you are now?

I was a very lucky individual to get a start in the Credit Union system coming out of University, as I didn’t have much work experience compared to some of my peers to set myself apart (something many people preach is the key differentiator). I got my start with Innovation Credit Union in 2018 when they decided to take a chance on me in their Corporate Finance area. What I believe had set me apart from the lack of experience was my intense curiosity to learn/understand things and my natural people skills in communicating and developing relationships. Since then, I have taken these two key traits and implemented them into my daily work-life which has helped me move up into a more senior role, transition to a new and exciting role at Conexus Credit Union, and hopefully pass the final CFA level III exam (What is considered one of the hardest set of exams in the world).

Why did you join SYL?

As a young individual starting his career in the Credit Union system, I found the SYL to be an amazing group of like-minded individuals who I could learn from, network with outside of the Credit Union I work for, and to provide me the opportunity to develop my leadership skills. The SYL is also doing great things, in providing those opportunities to learn and develop, to the rest of our young leaders within the Saskatchewan Credit Union system – I wanted to have a hand in providing those opportunities to my peers.

What are you most excited about this year for SYL?

I’m currently a part of the Development Days committee and I have to say, I’m very excited with what we have planned this year in terms of topics and guest speakers. I can’t share more right now, as we are still working out the details, but things are looking exciting. I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention our retreat happening later this year which will hopefully be (fingers crossed) an in-person event!