Let us introduce you this year’s Vice Chair, Kirk Hopko! This is Kirk’s first year with SYL, and we are so excited to have him as part of our committee for the next three years. Let’s find out a bit more about Kirk!

Tell us about you and your Credit Union journey. How did you get to where you are now?

While I was in school for accounting, I was able to get a summer job at Synergy in their IT department, of all things. From there, I was able to connect with other teams in Synergy and learned I wanted to stick around. When I had finished my schooling, I switched over to the Implementation and Adoption team where I do work in change management, process analysis, and learning development.

Why did you join SYL?

In the few years I’ve been a part of the Credit Union system, I have found it eager to invest in my development. I have had the opportunity to learn from so many people and gain a lot of new skills through the Credit Union. With that in mind, I wanted to join SYL to give back. I want to learn new skills and use them to pass on this support and knowledge to even more future leaders who work in Credit Unions today.

What are you most proud of so far in your SYL journey?

As a new member, I am most proud of simply getting the chance to assist all these talented people in connecting young leaders to new opportunities for learning and development.