SYL Spotlight: Synergy Emerging Leaders


With a primary focus of providing financial literacy education, Synergy Emerging Leaders invites participation in their group without age restriction. The group is always looking to expand topics and target age ranges in order to add to their success in the past few years of educating youth. The group meets 3 times annually for supper meetings to go over progress and expand on ideas.

In the fall of 2016 S.E.L. hosted their annual wine and cheese event that was opened to all staff. Each year the focus is on a different topic, most recently was a speaker on business etiquette. This event is among other opportunities the group is given throughout the year to plan events for staff and management.

“We have a great management team that empowers us to be better leaders. It’s great to see how willing [they] are to help us all build our skills.”

— Nadine Wilson, Chair of S.E.L. as of January 2017

Nadine is joined by fellow executive Amanda Renaud, Vice Chair and Jenna Wall, secretary. Past chair, Justin Villeneuve, is responsible for the mentorship program that many of the emerging leaders and managers within Synergy Credit Union take part in.

Thank you Synergy Emerging Leaders!

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