What’s your Lollipop Moment?

Drew Dudley has a very insightful and entertaining TED Talk called “Everyday Leadership”  which shows the impact our actions can have on someone’s life. He talks about how we need to redefine leadership, and if we can change even one person’s understanding of what they’re capable of, we can change the whole world. He has a simple idea, but a large one, “that if we can understand leadership like that, I think if we can redefine leadership like that, I think we can change everything.”

Making Credit Unions Relevant to Young Adults

Currency Marketing, our partners in the Sask CU Advance competition, have released this video that shows how to make credit unions relevant to young people. This video is a manifesto about what it’s like being young, thoughtful, hopeful and in control.

Feel free to share this on your credit union’s blog or website too! The link is at

Saskatchewan Young Leaders Committee