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The Saskatchewan Young Leaders are immensely proud of the success we had with Sask CU Advance. When designing the competition, we feared how the CU system would respond to this new competition. The “what ifs” were quickly turned into “wow”! As a member of the SYL committee, thank you to my fellow SYL members for supporting and working alongside the Sask CU Advance competition to make it a huge success.

Congratulations and thank you to all our applicants who put forth an innovative idea. Your time, effort and engagement did not go unnoticed. The first step to continuing CU success is having employees who are enthusiastic and willing to go above and beyond. Thank you for stepping up and leading others. We encourage all applicants to continue to grow and foster their ideas. With a little work and motivation we’ll see those ideas benefiting the entire system and our members in no time.

Our finalists stole the show at the Peer Group meeting in Regina. Chelsea, Shaun and Ashley represented their respective credit unions and the young leaders of Saskatchewan with dignity, creativity and strength. Each of you are talented individuals and an asset to our Sask CU system. Congratulations on making it as our Top 3 finalists.

If Ashley hasn’t heard me say it enough…congratulations, congratulations, congratulations! Ashley was able to engage the public, the CU system and our CEOs. Ashley gave a glimpse into the future of what our next generation of senior leaders are capable of. Great job, Ashley!

Sask CU Advance would not have been successful without the help of the following companies and groups. THANK YOU to everyone who was involved in moving the Sask CU Advance competition forward. With your help, the young leaders in our system shone!

  • Currency Marketing – Five stars for excellence! Currency Marketing brought creativity, experience, knowledge and structure to our team. Thank you, this competition would not have been possible without your help.
  • Studio 10 – Thank you for working alongside the SYL to create a promotional video and recording our finalists’ presentations.
  • SaskCentral – Thank you for organizing the Peer Group meeting and allowing SYL to be a part of it. As well, thank you for supporting and providing feedback and suggestions about the competition.
  • Sask CU CEOs & Executive Management – Our goal is to bridge the communication gap between senior leaders and young leaders. Thank you for promoting and being involved in the Sask CU Advance competition. Without your support, the SYL would not be able to provide value to our young leaders in the CU system. Thank you for supporting the young leaders!
  • Sask CU Young Leaders – Thank you for tweeting, sharing on Facebook, engaging with a vote and supporting the SYL in our initiatives.

Lindsay Bertschi
Prairie Centre Credit Union
Vice Chair, Saskatchewan Young Leaders

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