The Importance of Leadership

Leadership is something that anyone can display and is certainly not tied to a specific position or title. Through the years I have spent in the system I have worked with leaders at every level. Teammates often play a large role in leading a team; it is certainly a key to success. Leaders maintain a strong connection to the people they work with and serve. They are genuine and authentic. They have courage to do the right things and not do things right. The importance of leadership is the same in every organization, and leaders share some key skills that set them apart. A leader considers others before themselves.

When it comes to leadership, it encompasses the culture in which your team unit will operate. There is emphasis on the importance of leadership because without it, team directions scatter and expectations are not clear. The direct results of lack of leadership will be that a team or organization moves more slowly and potentially will lose its way. To make a decision is great, but without leadership it will never get the full implementation it needs to be effective.

Leadership is important all the time, but it is most evident a need in times of change. Today, change happens at such a rapid speed that an organization will truly struggle without great leadership. That is likely why leadership is always a hot topic. Being a leader within your organization does not mean that you agree with every decision made. It means that you take the time to understand the why, and that you can understand and articulate that decision within your team. In an organization with good leadership, it is very likely that many are involved in making the decision and therefore understanding across the team comes easier. Leaders look towards others to make great decisions, in turn they rely on others to implement those decisions.

Think about your interactions with others. Are you seen as a leader? You will have to be seen as one before you get paid for it.

Lisa Castle,
Synergy Credit Union

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