Suggested Topics

If you don’t have a current project or program to pitch, you can also pitch an idea to advance your credit union or the credit union industry. Here are some suggested topics to get you started. You may choose from this list or share your own idea.

Saskatchewan’s economy

  • Saskatchewan continues to have the strongest employment growth and lowest unemployment rate in Canada. How can credit unions differentiate themselves to attract and retain talented employees? 
  • How do increases in migration/foreign workers provide opportunities for credit unions, both on the staffing and member side? How can we gain confidence and membership?
  • How can your credit union take advantage of the current economic boom in Saskatchewan or prepare for any economic downturns? 

Credit union environment

  • Credit unions are faced with the new reality of lower margins and are searching for different ways to improve efficiencies. What are ways that credit unions can drastically improve efficiencies other than just cutting some expenses or increasing service charges?


  • Technology is so important in this environment and some big changes and advancements will be affecting our credit unions in the very near future. What do credit unions need to do make sure we remain a leader with this change?
  • There is an ever-increasing presence of online competitors. How can credit unions compete with these new rivals? What can credit unions do to make themselves sustainable in this environment?


  • It is becoming harder to attract the younger demographic and also tailor product and service offerings to older members. Is it possible to achieve both? How can credit unions achieve this?
  • Member loyalty is difficult to maintain, especially with younger members. What can credit unions do to maintain the loyalty amongst our younger membership and, as well, gain wallet share with them?
  • How do credit unions attract the youth to become involved on the board of directors?