Tune Out to Turn In

Keeping yourself grounded in a time of constant change can be a hard task to accomplish. Social media, constant email notifications, and the need to continuously be connected can make it hard to unwind and regroup after stressful days. Many people think that in order to be successful in our careers you need to be available 24/7. I was totally one of these believers, however I now feel the opposite. How can I give the best to my organization and coworkers if I never have time to focus on giving my best to me?

I recently listened to a phenomenal public speaker (Jeph Maystruck – you’ve probably heard of him) who enlightened my way of thinking when it came to this topic. When did we become slaves to our phones and computers instead of having them make our lives easier? I don’t remember the last time I had my phone on silent without feeling constant anxiety that I was missing something important. I mean, I even have my FitBit give me a notification so that I can know who is contacting me ALL THE TIME… talk about addicted. While it may not be realistic that I sever all ties with my iPhone, I feel like there are some things that I can do to help me perform my best at work as well as taking personal time to regroup. Let’s face it – being a burnt out 27 year old is not on my list of things to accomplish!

First of all, I decided to put technology to work to my advantage and I downloaded a meditation app. This app even has a breathing bubble – which comes VERY handy both at home and in the world of Human Resources (it’s not all roses, people). Second, I’ve attempted to stay on track and not be a slave to my incoming emails. Do you all know how much easier it is to accomplish things when you’re not constantly reading pop-ups?! GAME. CHANGER. Last, I turned off the notifications on my FitBit – I don’t need to be dropping what I’m doing at every second of the day to go to my phone, or sitting there reading my watch. Sorry Mom, I will be missing a few more of your phone calls now.

While these are a few things that have helped me to become more grounded in my day, they may not work for you. What makes you feel calm and relaxed? Can you somehow incorporate it into how you structure your days? Technology is a thing of the future, but we can definitely use it to our advantage! As future leaders of the CU system, we’ve got some exciting times ahead – let’s embrace them and live in the moment.


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