This is hosted by your Saskatchewan Young Leaders Committee. Anyone is invited to participate and share their ideas!

The October topic is Goal Setting – no need to wait until January 1 to set new goals.


Friday October 26, 2018 starting at noon and wrapping up at 1pm.

There are two ways to find the chat and follow the conversation. You can either enter the hashtag #SYLchat in the Twitter search bar, or click on the hashtag in a tweet. Either way will bring up all tweets that have used the hashtag so you can easily jump into the conversation. Make sure you change the option at the top of the page to “latest” to ensure you’re participating in the most recent part of the conversation.

SYL will spark the conversation by asking questions which will contain the hashtag #SYLchat, and Q1, Q2, etc. to display the sequence of questions.

Participants will answer by using A1, A2, etc. along with the same hashtag.

Be sure to retweet the response you find the most engaging, and just because the chat ends at 1pm doesn’t mean you have to!