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A couple of months ago I attended a seminar where I had the privilege of hearing Darci Lang, motivational speaker and author, she spoke to us about focusing on the 90%, the 90% positive that is. Before I attended I really took time to stop and think how I spend a normal day wondering, how it looked for me and whether or not I was focusing on the 90%.


Much to my surprise (and I like to consider myself a pretty positive person) I was literally focusing more on the negative than the positive. All the “hiccups” in a day – work, kids and home life and getting caught up in all the bad, if you will. I really couldn’t wait to hear what Darci had to say about how I could start focusing on the 90%.


From the moment she started speaking I was hooked – but there was one line that struck me… “how are you looking at life and everyday challenges?!” That was it! It was how I was choosing to see things! I needed to make a shift and look through a different “lens.” I needed to stop focusing on all the “hiccups” so to speak in a day because it was consuming me, I needed to start focusing on all the positives in a day, and believe you me the positives truly do outweigh the negatives. As soon as you shift that perspective or change your “lens” it’s quiet amazing how much it can change your outlook on a day.


So, while I was thinking of a topic to share with everyone this month, I knew this was the one I needed to share, “Focus on the 90%.” With all that is going on in the world right now let’s challenge ourselves to focus on the 90% instead of the 10%, start spreading the positive outlook on life and view life through a different lens.

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