Where do mentors find their mentors?

There are many people that I look up to and have contributed to my success. In some cases the mentor relationship was easy to see and other times it just seems to happen. Someone takes you under their wing and helps you to see more of your potential. I feel that leaders surround themselves with other great people that they know can be counted on to aide their success. Over my life and career there have been many people that have had material impact on me: teachers, bosses, family and friends. Each experience we have with others can help us learn more about ourselves and our ability to grow into a better person.

There are three people that do stand out for me. First would be my Dad, he has always shared some amazing life lessons that stick with me and that I repeat to many others often. He taught me the value of hard work, humility in what I expect, and how to be very thankful for all that others do for me. He taught me to keep my commitments I make, and do everything to the best of my ability. He helped shaped my character as a focused, confident individual, who is honest and always strives to be the best I can.

Second is a Lashburn community leader where I grew up and continue to live today. He gave me both the opportunity and encouragement to lead as a teenager and as a young adult, which help me build my confidence and a strong desire to give back to the community that I live and work. His leadership and vision guided me to continue to work as a community leader, to look to find solutions rather than finding more problems and inspire those around you towards a common goal.

Finally my strongest Credit Union mentor, although there have been many, is Synergy’s current CEO Glenn Stang. I directly reported to Glenn for over 10 years and he taught me so much about always doing what is right, being honest and heartfelt in your message, and how to continue to get back up with a big smile on your face when you get knocked down. Glenn taught me how to set a positive example, to always chose a positive mood, and to be consistent and candid in his communications. He provided me feedback so that I could grow and be more effective, even when the message was not positive he could deliver in a manner that you would listen. He taught me to listen carefully to those around you, make everyone part of the decision making process and once a decision was made to move ahead.

I could write many lines about those that have aided in my success, because I have been able to take something from my so many experiences I have had with others. I always want to grow and I spend time internalizing how to get better and that is how others around me have been able to have an impact, because I have been open to allowing them to be. People can only contribute to your success if you allow them to help you and if you are willing to learn from them.

Trevor Beaton,
Synergy Credit Union

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