Why is Saskatchewan CU Advance Important?

Eric Dillon, CEO of Conexus Credit Union, explains why the Saskatchewan CU Advance competition is important to the future of credit unions.

 Eric Dillon Eric Dillon

Credit Unions are at a crossroads. While the expectations of our members are increasing, so are the expectations and standards of the regulatory environment. Leaders within the Credit Union system are going to have to think very differently about how we build credit unions and serve members in the years ahead. While we have 75 years of serving members well, the next 75 are going to be much more challenging to retain our position as the member experience leaders in the industry.

That evolution will require more innovation, more collaboration and more ideas. Ideas that stretch our thinking and the status quo will be necessary for us to move forward. That is why the Saskatchewan CU Advance program is so important. It creates another avenue to build and debate ideas, some of which might unlock the keys to our future.

Eric Dillon
CEO, Conexus Credit Union

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